Euro in ticker: Croatia vs Scotland

Euro in ticker: Croatia vs Scotland


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croatia vs scotland score




Goal for Croatia!

world class target Luka Modric! With his foot on the outside, the world footballer scored in 2018.

Great opportunity for Scotland!

John McGuino Flies just behind the perfect flank. Had he hit that ball, the Scots would have taken the lead.

Chance for Croatia!

Ivan Perisic The ball gets into the barrel. His degree goes straight to the goalkeeper David Marshall. The Scottish goalkeeper’s parade is followed by an offside whistle.

josco guardiol Carries the ball into the barrel and then puts it far in front of it. He goes into a duel with the goalkeeper without stopping. David Marshall Can claim the ball.

45′to start to start
48′stay stay

End of first half!

Shortly before half-time, the Scots equalized.


Aiming for Scotland!

Bulkheads compensate. Protector Life span Releases the ball completely from the feet callum McGregor. He simply pulls to the edge of the penalty area and lands the ball in the net.

The Croatians are rapidly advancing into the Scots penalty area. However, their attacks are often completely harmless.

35′yellow leaf yellow leaf

Yellow against Scotland!

freshly replaced Scott McKenna In his first action the opponent walks over and sees the yellow card.

33′Replacement Replacement

Change in Scotland!

Grant Hanley Had to leave the field due to injury. Scott McKenna comes into play for him.

Chance for Scotland!

The Scots come dangerously twice in front of the opposing goal. The first attempt simply misses with an empty gate. second goalkeeper livakovic in the same place.

Chance for Croatia!

Luka Modric just pulls. The ball is still dangerously low, but hiss just above the bar.


Goal for Croatia!

Croatians take the lead with the first move on goal. perisic puts the ball after a cross Nikola Vlasik from and pushes it in.

Croatians have more authority but Scotland has made better progress so far.

Great opportunity for Scotland!

John McGuino Passes the ball dangerously in front of the goal. Che Adams flies right behind the ball and the goalkeeper livakovic Clears the corner.

The Scots come into the opposing penalty area first. Croatians can easily clear the corner, which is safe.

0′to start to start

Welcome to the game between Croatia and Scotland. Both teams need a win to have hopes for the 16th round. Follow live game in ticker.


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