Euro in ticker: England vs Scotland

Euro in ticker: England vs Scotland


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england vs scotland score



92′are playing are playing

It was a busy final phase where the British pushed all the resources. They get caught up in Scottish defensive battles like lions. 0-0 finally okay and both teams gave everything

87′yellow leaf yellow leaf

Stephen O’DonnellDon looking for a foul Jack Grealish yellow card

86′Replacement Replacement

change in scotland

For Che Adams arrives a few minutes before the end Kevin Nisbet

defensive of bulkheads Has retreated a bit, but starts attack after attack. English people Bullish is now under pressure, as the draw will be much less than expected

77′Replacement Replacement

change in scotland

Bulkheads change for the first time and place Billy Gilmour Comes Stuart Armstrong

75′Replacement Replacement

change in england

The captain has to leave the field before the game is over. For Harry Kane Comes Marcus Rashford

It remains exciting in the last 20 minutes. three lions Actively seek goals and lead, but Scots have good chances to score as well

65′Replacement Replacement

change in england

The British are changing for the first time. a strong Phil Foden should take place in favor of Jack Grealish empty

Chance to score for Scotland!

linden dykes can be pulled from a distance and Reece James can miraculously clear on the line

English people Now with 2/3 possession. On the other hand, there is only one shot per team goal.

Protector robertson English runs to the gate where his flank finds no takers. bulkheads Can break free from the shackles of English repeatedly and sometimes

The second half continues as vigorously as the first. After a corner the English already with a good view Mountains, but it wasn’t really dangerous yet

45′to start to start

It continues at Wembley Stadium!

45′stay stay

There is no stoppage time. It’s exactly 0-0 at the break. is

english top scorer actual and ken The first half didn’t really shine. They act too defensively and simply don’t take enough risks. bulkheads Again, they not only stand behind, they like to take the risk of a trip to the English gate.

Chance for Scotland!

suddenly scott comes Stephen O’DonnellDon To a wonderful conclusion. pickford Makes a good save and can keep his team from falling behind

Harry Kane Can stand freely and move towards the ball. However, the ball went over the target and was also offside

What bulkheads They haven’t shown their full potential yet in their opening game against the Czech Republic, they play against English people much better; much improved

The atmosphere in the stadium is very good and both the teams are getting a lot of support from their fans. There’s only one goal now missing to reward performance

16′yellow leaf yellow leaf

The first yellow card in the game goes to the Scotsman. John McGuino Receives card due to complaint

Chance to score for England!

Great first chance to score for England. head after a corner kick john stones ball to post

downtrodden Scotland Shows himself from his best side and kicks British very determined to

The weather is favorable for the British duel and accordingly it rains. Both teams make energetic and aggressive starts

0′to start to start

Let’s go to Wembley Stadium!

Today the “Battle of Britain” between England and Scotland will take place at Wembley Stadium


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