Europa League’s Celtic-Milan at risk

Celtic Glasgow 2020-2021

Latest News Milan News – Celtic-Milan, the match scheduled for 21:00 on Thursday 22 October is likely to be missed. In fact, Scotland will close its borders

A celebration of Celtic Glasgow in the 2020–2021 season (Credit: GETTY Images)

Multiple Transitions in Scotland: Will Celtic-Milan be Missed?

Latest news meet newsCeltic-MilanFirst race of Group h Of Europa leagueIn the program Thursday 22 October All Ore 21:00, Risk jumping. that’s because ‘Sun‘, Give it to him Ore 18:00 The day after tomorrow, Friday 9 October, To Scotland Will do a mini inspection-Lockdown Of two weeks. In fact, on Monday they were registered in the country 697 new cases Fingering with Coronavirus. No death but Number of hospitals increased from 8 to 218. of these, 22 in intensive care. Hence the decision of the Scottish Government to shut everything down. Imprisonment includes staying at home naturally and possibly beauty salons and hairdressers. So is not able to enter Scotland, even the Rossoneri Stefano Pioli Risk of not playing Celtic-Milan. If it is missed, the race can be resumed on the first useful date according to the calendar. Uefa. Here in the league of Europe >> >>

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