Europe – In Scotland, you can “haunted” village ruins for 150,000 € . can buy in

 Europe - In Scotland, you can

In ScotlandThe ruins of a village on the banks of Loch Tai, a waterway in Perth and Kinross County, are for sale for around £125,000, or €150,000. The last residents of this place believed to be haunted have been gone since the early 20th century, report our colleagues from the site. Capital, which quote information from US media CNBC.

The most famous manor house in this village, “The House of Lords”, was inhabited in the 1600s by a woman named “The Lady of Lords”. And if the place is haunted, it will be because of him and his prophecies. By announcing the sinking of a smoke-powered ship at Loch Tai, this woman may have predicted the existence of steamboats even before their arrival. However, no historical trace of such a tragedy has been found.

A mansion, a mill and fishing rights

“Maybe the site is haunted by a lady, possibly it’s the Lady of Lords”, in a brochure presenting the ruins of this village, the organization in charge of sales, Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group, wrote. Apart from this mansion, an old mill is situated in the premises and the purchaser will also benefit from the rights of peach In Loch Tai.

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