European 2021, Scottish newspaper The National gives life membership to Roberto Mancini and Italian national team players

European 2021, Scottish newspaper The National gives life membership to Roberto Mancini and Italian national team players

a subscription for them, Independence For us. scottish independence newspaper national he openly took his side italian national team on the final whites against England. and after a cover that the newspaper dedicated Roberto “Braveheart” Mancini A few days before the Wembley match, the editorial team had another idea to pay tribute to Azzurri’s victory: a lifetime membership For the coach and his players. And finally he publishes on his website an open letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking him to “respect Italy’s victory with independence for Scotland”.

not only EU leader, but also Scottish newspapers national The Italy national team was enthusiastically encouraged during the final sunday 11 July. It couldn’t have happened otherwise: Newspapers are known to embrace the cause furiously of independence of Scotland from UK. After putting the face of Roberto Mancini on the cover in the edition brave (The great Scottish hero who rose up against the British and King Henry I in 1200 and who later became the subject of lucky movie Mel Gibson), wanted to reward the Scottish newspaper Azurri with a lifetime subscription to the newspaper.

“For their services to the Scottish nation,” the national journalists decided to do. special gift For “Mancini, Chiellini and all who contributed to this historic victory”, as if the European Cup was the same as his. In view of this All-Italian-Scottish Enthusiasm, the newspaper also addresses British Prime Minister Boris Johnson by publishing an open letter on its website. Independence of Scotland.

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Between the serious and outspoken, in fact, The National has requested that Scotland be granted independence as a reward. new scottish hero Roberto Mancini, or rather “Robert the Bruce”, remembering the namesake king of scotland lived in 1300. “After suffering for England’s victory in the 1966 World Cup”, the letter read, “the relief was enormous after this great 2021 result”. and after accusing Johnson of the fact that he would not be able to claim the success of the English national team as a symbol of brexie, the editor concludes with his request for independence: “It would also be appropriate to give Scottish independence to the winning Italian team”.


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