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Euro 2020. after a month ofIn fact, the tune that had now become the “home coming” mantra for English. it came back like a boomerang convert to caustic turning “It’s not coming home”. As in twenty-five years ago, when the 1996 European Championship clashed, it was believed that this would eventually be the right opportunity for a Three Lions representative. Yet once again, Avoiding so many trombones for the whole world by His Majesty’s subjects A sensational defeat is hard enough to swallow, especially when a new international trophy was already on showcase to keep company with that solitary World Cup won at home in 1966.

A defeat that took the whole of England, Supporters, commentators, players, stars, stars and the royal family include, in the face of the harshest realities: the 12 kg Delaunay Cup, also of Italian production, went directly into the hands of an opponent who did not fail Fake for almost a whole week.

What happened then, with a goal from Luke Shaw in the second minute? Already celebrated as a huge victory, passing through Leonardo Bonucci’s equalizer in the second half, until the final save by Gigio Donnarumma, he tore a piece of swagger to pieces Who spared no one.

so after the match The Scottish newspaper “The Independent” published an image of Mancini as William Wallace-Braveheart on the cover, complete with a caption that reads “Save us Roberto, you are our last hope!”. However, soon after the defeat of Kane and allies, the Irish Embassy reversed the geography of the British Isles with a witty tweet from its official account that Putting Ireland in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and Sardinia, describing the new location with a funny proclamation: “After an intense weekend of rowing we did things right. Come on Azurri! “.

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And then There was no shortage of expressions of happiness either Which, partly because of proximity, sympathy or simple historical and cultural heritage, with the great blue company. To san marinoIn fact, victory was greeted with banners, flags and the sound of the inevitable “Po Po Po Po” on the squares of the Republic of Titan. and it was like that Between the streets of Bastia and Porto Vecchio in Corsica Bas, where a hymn by Mameli was sung several times with a curious accent that did not hide a French cadence. Again, scenes of enthusiasm made of choirs and carousels appeared. Both in Malta and in the ranks of Swiss “rivals”, in Lugano and in the canton of Ticino., for a win that seemed too difficult to hold in the Wembley pit.

Mancini’s Italy has thus weakened the flag waving almost everywhere., a sign that the harmony and inspiration established by Azurri have gone beyond the boundaries of the boot, Making for a night – and maybe a few more for the day – even those that aren’t Italian by passport. Thus, Mancini, Vialli, Ivani, and, of course, Chiesa, Donnarumma, Spinzola, Insigne, Bonucci, Chiellini and all the other heroes of European 2020 allowed trumpets in Europe, now united a little more under our colors Gaya national team, that excess of courage, which, of course, didn’t help England at all.

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