European: London halted for fans, Scotland nearly 2,000 transitions – European Championships 2020

Scotland on knees with English, Sturgeon applauded - European Championships 2020

Strengthening of control at airports, stations and main motorways as well. According to what is revealed, the Interior Ministry is working on a plan to strengthen the Czechs in view of the quarter-finals of the European Championships between England and Ukraine, which could bring thousands of fans to Rome on Saturday. The ordinance which provides for the obligation of swabs and a 5-day quarantine for all people arriving from Great Britain, also notes qualified sources, “will be applied to the letter” and “no exemption will be given”. Clearly more control on arrival” but “discouragement”. The best thing would be to suggest English fans not to come to watch the game, even though I think that’s probably the hardest thing to accept. Unfortunately, however, the delta version is a reality “and in Great Britain” it runs “. Thus Pierpaolo Sileri, Under Secretary of Health on TG Zero on Radio Capital about the Ukraine-England match in Rome on July 3. Its The opposite is also true. , for the final to be held in London, at which the Under Secretary expresses “some confusion”. Perhaps, as he says, “major filters like double buffers and quarantines” will be needed.

in between, British government urges British fans to avoid traveling to Rome. After the victory over Germany, the authorities sought to reinforce the message. “Our request is to please the national team from home and cheer as much as possible in front of the TV,” said TODAY Undersecretary of Commerce Anne Marie Trevelyan. The English Football Association has decided not to sell tickets reserved for fans of the Three Lions for the quarter-final against Ukraine in the United Kingdom, which will be played in Rome, with a total of 2,560 seats. Under the anti-Covid rules established by the Italian government, anyone arriving in Italy from the UK is required to observe a five-day period of self-isolation. A quarantine that virtually makes it impossible for English fans to attend Saturday’s Olympico match over four days.

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There are 1,991 Scottish fans who have tested positive for COVID in the past two weeks after attending Scottish matches, stadiums or mass events at the European Football Championships. Estimates from local health officials at Public Health Scotland (PHS) indicate this. Two-thirds (1,294) of those infected were in London during the England-Scotland match: 397 were at Wembley Stadium, the rest attended mass gatherings and celebrations on the streets and in clubs. About a hundred took part in the Scottish national team’s matches against Croatia and the Czech Republic at Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow.

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