European of the Rock Mountains, Scotland

European of the Rock Mountains, Scotland

Stone stacking is a discipline that involves creating real sculptures by placing stones and pebbles on each other to create a perfect balance.

After the last European football matches, in Scotland, in Dumber, it was time to rejoice. fourth edition of European Stone Stacking Championships. it’s a race that defies the force of gravity In the activity of stacking stones one on top of another. A challenge that might make you smile, but it has three categories: a timing challenge, a quantity challenge, and an artistic challenge.

Indeed, in general, competition is also required artistic skills As participants built complex structures on the city beach of I Cave, with rocks and pebbles, they collected directly on site. In this case, however, England was the winner among all the participants from all over Europe, With Harry Maddox winning the final race.

This championship has been achieved since its zero year Many criticisms of environmentalists too Those who accuse the ‘stalkers’ of damaging the environment by digging rocks from the ground and thereby disturbing the habitat of the local fauna. But that’s not the case for fans: In fact, there’s even a world competition: the World Stone Balance Championship.

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