European, Scotland-Czech Republic 0-2: Schick scores twice, goals from 45-and-a-half meters

European, Scotland-Czech Republic 0-2: Schick scores twice, goals from 45-and-a-half meters

Glasgow – This is the recipe for the perfect defeat: good ball possession (57%), initiative for almost the entire match, but zero goals ScotlandSevilla’s Vaiklick, with poor front acuity and an opposing goalkeeper, is simply unsurpassed today. And then, of course, Patrick Schick. Because sometimes we forget that this great striker, former Roma and Sampdoria has not yet expressed his full potential, he is still 25 years old and an undeniable class. In fact, it is the jewel of czech republic And Bayern Leverkusen, who bought them from Roma last year for more than €30 million in a 2-0 win over the Czechs, buried Scotland with two goals, one more graceful than the other. The first surgery, leading to the corner at the end of the first half, took time for two of the three Scots (Hanley and Cooper) central players, on the cross of the normal and relentless Kaufal who thus embellished a monstrous season with the West. is thigh.

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But it is Schick’s second goal to bite Scotland’s legs, though honored by his fans at Hampden Park in Glasgow, and the right to enter the most beautiful of this European Championship. Masterpiece of rare spontaneous surprise: Schick fixes the ball after a crazy shot from outside by defender Jack Hendry, who took the crossbar a few minutes earlier but this time is struck back into open defence: the ball is picked up by the Czech striker Joe, in a counterattack, knocks goalkeeper Marshall off the goalpost with a sensational left footed shot from 45 साढ़े meters. It’s only the 52nd, but the game ends here. Chapu.

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Yet Scotland does not give up till the end. It would be surprising otherwise, given that he played at home today, making a return to great international football 23 years after the 1998 World Cup in France. Liverpool’s disastrous left-back and Tartan Army captain Andy Robertson is a thorn in the game. The edge of the Czech Republic as he crosses, assists, creates and delivers a flurry of sustained shots: he has a big chance even in the middle of the first half but Vaक्लिकikk makes his first miracle of the afternoon on a safe shot. Scotland creates chances but the oxygenated 25-year-old Lyndon Dykes is indecisive in front of the goal and never finds the winning paw before going out. Then, of course, the Tartan army was not as lucky as it is today: except for Hendry’s crossbar, Vaiklick saved everything, saving in an extraordinary way, even as Selutska tried to achieve her goal. Now the next match is already in or out for Scotland. And it will be against England at Wembley. In a decisive match with many meanings, including political.

On the other hand, the Czech Republic also proved to be an army, but, at least today, much more solid and ruthless than Scotland, above all because the front of the Czechs was squeak, while the opponents were simply ticked (an old problem with Scots). For). For the rest, a defense today impenetrable with Kalas and Selutska, a central area of ​​sublime substance, Susek and Darida, above all, except for Janko, who almost always closed every passing line. In short, a team for those who play against us. And, thanks to goal difference, already top the group table of England and Croatia. That now everything at zero point like in Scotland will be played in the next ninety minutes.

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Scotland 0-2 Czech Republic (0-1)
Scotland (3-5-2): Marshal; Hanley, Cooper, Hendry (22nd McGregor); O’Donnell (34th Forrest), Armstrong (22nd Fraser), McGinn, McTominay, Robertson; Dykes (34th Nisbet), Christie (1st Adams). All .: Clark.
czech republic (4-2-3-1): Vaiklic; Kaufal, Selustka, Kalas, Boril; Sousek, Kral (22nd hole); Masopust (37th Masopust), Darida (42nd Servant), Jankato (37th Holojek); learn (42nd Kremensik). All .: Sylhevi.
punch: Daniel Seibert (GER)
Network: in pt, 42′ learn; in st 7 learn.
corner: 5 to 6 for the Czech Republic.
recoveries: 2′ e 4′.
Expelled: None.
warned: None.
audience: 12,000


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