Europeans: Scotland with the English on their knees, Sturgeon applauds

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 11 – The Scotland national team will continue to take a stand against racism, but in a European football match against England in London, they will be on their knees like their opponents. The decision, coach Steve Clarke explained, was made by the Scottish coaching staff and footballers, “an attempt by some to politicize or misrepresent the choice to stand against racism and all forms of discriminatory behavior in our European matches.” In particular, for the one at Wembley”.

A move that has received praise from the Scottish Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon: “There will be fierce rivalries from Scotland and England at Wembley on Friday. But before that, the players will join together in solidarity against racism. Excellent decision. , Well done Scotland !”.

Scotland’s captain, Andy Robertson, also expressed himself on the issue: “Looking at the episodes surrounding the English national team, getting on one’s knees counts as a sign of solidarity”.

Before all other matches, the Scots would continue to speak out against racism by standing up, as has happened – recalled the coach – “since the first qualifying match for the World Cup, in coordination with Scottish football clubs, including Rangers and Celtic.” Are included” . (the handle).

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