Evan McGregor confirms when OB-Van Canobi series filming begins

Evan McGregor confirms when OB-Van Canobi series filming begins

Lucasfilm Obi-Wan There may be an early release than initially thought. Series lead Evan Mg Kgregor has confirmed that, so far, the production is expected to start major photography next March. In a virtual chat during a recent episode of Graham Norton, This Star Wars The superstar confirmed that the series has been hidden from the empire in the years between its characters Replace Seth And New hope. That’s when MG Krager confirmed that he would start shooting his part on the series.

The actor confirmed, “We will start shooting in March next year.

After the chat in the series theme pigeon the guest asked McGregor how close he would be to the portrayal of Alec Guinness. New hope Both the actor and the character are significantly older than their previous appearances.

“The funny thing about doing them in the first place, when I was very young, was trying to imagine Alec Guinness and how he would play these trends as a little guy,” said Maggregor. “It made me see a lot of his early work, which I had never seen before. He came in brilliant movies, wonderful films and I had such a great time studying them in those films. This time, I stay very close to him in age and It will be my challenge to meet him somewhere. It is a great honor to try and pretend. “

Earlier this year, McGregor said he was more excited to work on this solo series than the years of the prequel trilogy.

The actor shared, “I’m more excited than I do the second and third before I do this work.” Empire. “I’m just excited to work with Deborah Chow, and the storylines feel really good. I think I’m excited to play it again. It’s been a long time since I’ve played it.”

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He added, “The first three [Star Wars films] I was really at the beginning of digital photography. We had a camera marrow with the umbilical cord towards the tent, it was like the beginning of the movies where the camera didn’t move much because there was so much hardware attached to it. Now we are able to actually create content without green-screen and blue-screen, which becomes very boring for the actor. “

Obi-Wan Release date set yet.

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