Evil Anne Hathaway spells on children

Evil Anne Hathaway spells on children

In the revival of Rob Zehlick’s favorite story of Robbell Dahl, Hathaway will play the Grand High Witch, who arrives in Eclipse Town, running his negative plans.

AceShowbiz The first official trailer for “”Witch“The Grand High has arrived to pursue the witch’s manicuring plans. Rob Zemeckis takes Roald Dahl’s 1983 novel of the same name,” Ann Hathaway Playing evil witch who hates children.

The trailer opens with a glimpse into the life of a little boy (Jahzir Kadim Bruno), Who lives with his grandmother (Octavia Spencer) Then his parents died. Unfortunately, his mostly normal life is about to be ruined after the Grand High Witch and his fellow witch arrive in town.

Using a dose of liquid poison, the Grand High Witch turns children into rats. Being a boy among the victims of witchcraft spells, the tough but loving grandmother would stop anything to thwart the evil plans of the witches.

According to the movie’s official description, “Reimagining Dahl’s favorite story for the modern audience, Zemeckis visually innovative film tells the dark, funny and heartbreaking story of a young orphan boy who, in late 1967, goes to live with his loving grandmother. When the boy and his grandmother are accompanied by some illusory glamorous but completely diabolic witches, she knocks our young hero out to a resort on a rich seaside town. Gathered his fellow cronies from around the world છુ hidden માટે to advance plans. ”

Based on Dahl’s book, the screenplay is co-written by Zemax with Kenya Barris and Guillermo del Toro. Zemax is also producing with Jack Rap Rap Pak, Del Toro, Alfonso Cuarનn and Luke Kelly. Serving as executive producers: Jacqueline Levine, Marian Jenkins, Michael Siegel, Gideon Simloff and Kate Adams.

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Joined the cast Stanley Tuki As Mr. Stringer, the hotel manager who inadvertently organizes a witch convention, Chris Rock As narrator, Kristin Chenoweth As a mouse, Charles Edwards As Mr. Jenkins, and Robinson of Morgan Others such as Mrs. Jenkins.

The movie was originally scheduled for theatrical release this month, but was later pulled out of schedule due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Werner Bros. has now announced that it will be heading to HBO Max, a timely, straightforward HLBO for Halloween, on October 22 in the United States. The film will hit theaters internationally from October 28.

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