Extraordinary. A dream job on an island in Scotland… without hot water or electricity

  Extraordinary.  A dream job on an island in Scotland... without hot water or electricity

Who hasn’t dreamed of sacrificing everything to settle on the other side of the planet? A new big departure away from everyday life. Ready to take the plunge? It turns out that you don’t necessarily have to travel around the world for a total change of scenery. All you have to do is go to Scotland, to be more precise Martin Island.

Located in the far north of the country, Martin Island does not have a full-time resident, but an “unpaid” caretaker position for a period of four months is virtually vacant. BBC Specifies that the latter would have to keep the island in mind for the arrival of visitors this summer.

two beaches

Only five minutes by boat from the mainland, Martin Island actually welcomes a few tourists each summer, attracted by its two beaches, a cottage-housed “micro museum” and its hillsides that delight bird watchers. will do.

“It’s very close to the mainland but as soon as you land on the island it’s lovely and peaceful. There are no cars, no roads. Just quiet. That’s what people love. A sense of comfort”, director Becky Thompson Defend the community association of the island.

A little housework and cleaning

The successful candidate for the warden position will be the first full-time resident to live on the island for 30 years.

“It’s a bit of housekeeping. He has to make sure the three houses on the island are ready to welcome visitors, clean public toilets, welcome visitors and make sure they follow Covid safety measures.” Huh.” Specifies Becky Thomson for an unusual job description.

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The work represents about three hours a day. In return, the caretaker will be able to stay on a small piece of Paradise Island in the accommodation provided, earn £150 (around €175) in fees per week and enjoy everything the island has to offer.

basic comfort

island community association Specifies that it is a position for someone who enjoys the outdoors and who is satisfied with basic comfort. Martin has no running hot water and no electricity. The caretaker will have to be satisfied with a small solar electric charger to power some of the lamps.

Therefore the candidate should be resourceful, flexible and able to drive a motor boat as it is the only way to set foot on the island.

too many applications

disturbing? We have to believe it or not: the association is broken under demands, to the extent that, if applications are generally accepted by 10 pm on 1 June, that is, by 11 pm in France, it has already been Enough “high quality” profiles have been received and therefore decided to close the registration.

You can always go there for a short time, why not for Scotland’s first seaweed festival, which is held there every year from 6 to 12 September.


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