F1 Stevens summons – Strol’s Turkish G.P. Paul is in danger

 F1 Stevens summons - Strol's Turkish G.P.  Paul is in danger

Lance Stroll’s shock is a risk after the Formula 1 pole position for the Turkey Grand Prix was called by the FIA ​​regulators for not respecting the yellow flag.

In a wet qualifying session at Istanbul Park on Saturday, Stirl made the first F1 pole of his career, beating Red Bull’s Max Verstapen and Racing Point teammate Sergio Perez at the end of Q3.

But the Canadian driver will now be able to meet with the stewards after not slowing down enough for the yellow flag on turn 7 during his pole position lap.

The FIA ​​regulators issued a bulletin confirming that Stroll’s investigation was ongoing, and that they needed to be notified at 18:30 local time in Turkey to discuss the incident.

It leaves Stroll at risk of getting a grid penalty that could snatch him from his first F1 pole position.

The steward’s report said the yellow flags were shown at turn 7, mostly after the sister raced for Perez in a racing point car.

Stroll was informed about the yellow flag on team radio, but was later told, “It was a yellow one so keep shaking” before correcting his time to secure the position of the pole.

FIA officials have also summoned McLaren driver Lando Norris for not slowing down for the yellow flag during Q1.

Yes 1 driver Kevin Magnusen was improving his lap by many motorists during Q1 despite Daniel Cavya and Nicholas Lutfi showing yellow flags after a late spin.

The FIA ​​later confirmed by Race Control that it would investigate all drivers who improved their turn time after the session, but only confirmed that the 11th-qualified Norris is under formal investigation.

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If Stroll should be hit with a grid penalty, it would promote Max Verstapen to the position of the pole for the Red Bull, and mark the position of the third pole of his F1 career.

Failure to slow down the yellow flag is usually penalized with a three-space penalty, which will leave Stroll on the grid in fourth place.

This will boost Perez to the front row, while Red Bull’s Alexander Alban will move to third.

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