Fascinated by Scotland – Maulberg

Fascinated by Scotland - Maulberg

Bagpiper Andreas Mulhans will guest Andy Borg on SWR-TV on Saturday.

. A special musical guest of the area will also appear on the SWR TV show “Schlager-Fun Might Andy Borg”, which will be broadcast this Saturday: bagpiper Andreas Mulhans from Maulberg. In a stylish klub, a Scottish fan played the song “Moon Star” on his Great Highland bagpipe. And an audience of millions in front of the screen can experience the impressive sound of the original Scottish bagpipe.

This is not 38-year-old Vaseline’s first TV appearance. Last year he was a guest in the SWR-Landesschau series “My Hobby”. At that time a team came to shoot at their home in Maulberg. Because SWR showed him “on screen”, he was invited as a regional musician to Andy Borg’s hit show. In October, says Andreas Mulhans, the recording of the program was filmed in a studio at the Offenberg Exhibition Center.
He was on site for half a day for recording. Rehearsals, outfits, masks, takes time. Finally the Mulhans threw themselves into the bagpiper’s distinctive “highland dress”: Scottish kilt, …

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