FB team boss Foda resigns after Scotland match – football

FB team boss Foda resigns after Scotland match - football

FB team boss Franco Foda is about to resign.
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Austrian soccer team boss Franco Foda will play his last country match against Scotland on Tuesday.

The German announced the decision at a FB press conference on Monday. FODA’s contract with OFB would have expired at the end of the month. Despite the end of the World Cup play-off (1:2) in Wales, the association’s leadership did not completely rule out the possibility of an expansion.

Franco Foda resigns as FB team boss: “We didn’t qualify for the World Cup”

“We didn’t qualify for the World Cup. I take full responsibility for that,” Foda insisted. His coaching job ended after the Scotland game. Foda had already informed the team on Monday morning of his decision, which he said he did on Sunday. “I was the national coach with all the honor and great pride,” the 55-year-old insisted. He had held the office since November 2017.

For the past four and a half years, Foda thanked him

Foda has thanked his players for the past four and a half years. “They were wonderful.” The highlight was reaching the round of 16 of the European Championship, in which the OFB team lost only 1:2 to eventual European champions Italy in extra time. In addition, there was the group’s victory in the Nations League in 2020, including promotion to its top league, in which Foda’s successor will now experience his baptism of fire in June.

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FB Balance Sheet under Franco Foda

Under Foda’s leadership, 27 wins, five draws and 15 losses have come in 47 international matches so far. “The bottom line is that there are positive figures,” said the former Sturm Graz coach. However, the balance sheet is very different. “We used to be very successful at times, but unfortunately it didn’t end so well because we didn’t reach our big goal, the World Cup in Qatar.” Neither in the regular qualifiers, nor in the play-offs, which ended in the semi-finals in Wales.

Foda revealed that he thought a lot in the days after leaving Cardiff. “he argues.” His contract would only have been automatically extended if he was promoted. Now it ends on Thursday. FB President Gerhard Miletich and sporting director Peter Schötel said after the end in Wales that talks should also take place with Foda over the race for a future head coach. But by choice Grazer came first.

The contract with head coach Foda will not be extended

“It was still in the room that I might have had the option of extending my contract, I can’t judge that, but it didn’t matter to me anymore,” Foda explained. He also looked for the reasons for the final variable performance in himself. “I’ve always been in life as a player and a coach, who takes responsibility. There’s no blame on me.”

With his decision, he hopes that now peace will be restored. He wanted to tell his players before the Scotland game, because everyone goes back to their clubs very quickly. “It was very emotional on my part,” Foda said. “As a German-Austrian, as I describe myself, it was a great honor for me, to work as a national coach – a country I live in, which I feel very comfortable in. Am.”

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Marko Arnatovic “Shocked” by Foda-Osu

Striker legend Marko Arnautovic spoke of the shock. Describing the ending announced by Foda, the 32-year-old said, “We are also surprised, no meeting was held today.” “We have to respect the decision – from FB and from Coach.” He has a very good relationship with Foda. “For me personally, the time with the coach was excellent. We were always able to talk, it wasn’t always about football. What sets him apart is that he always showed character. I wish him all the best Am.”

The experience as national coach was “extremely important” to him, Foda assured. This is completely different from a club coach. The former defender left open which path he wanted to take in the future. “My career is not over yet,” Foda said of his coaching career. But first he had to “let everything sink in, reflect on everything”. His planned first move: going on vacation with friends for a few days after the Scotland game.


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