FB Women meet directly in Scotland ahead of World Cup play-offs

FB Women meet directly in Scotland ahead of World Cup play-offs

Austria’s women’s national football team is looking to keep alive the prospect of a first World Cup ticket for the play-offs starting in Scotland on 6 October.

In order to be able to prepare as best as possible, FB Selection will refrain from traveling together. “We will meet directly in Glasgow on Monday to save the Giants for at least a day’s visit,” says FB team boss Irene Fuhrmann on Tuesday in a virtual background discussion on the occasion of the squad’s announcement.

The FB charter will therefore be reduced on 3 October, as the temporary 24-woman squad consists of 19 players with teams in international leagues. There are hardly any personnel changes, the only thing to note is the return of Stephanie Enzinger after recovering from knee problems. The 31-year-old striker from series champions St Poulten had to pass the qualifying group finals 0-2 against England and 10-0 against North Macedonia in Wiener Neustadt.

Plattner’s return doubtful

It is still unclear whether Maria Plattner will return after breaking her collarbone during the European Championships in England. Fuhrmann hopes so and has left a squad position open for the time being. The 21-year-old Tyrolean had his last check-up X-ray last week, and individual training ends on Wednesday. “She will start team training in Potsdam tomorrow. We want to give her a week and a half to see if she has already played for her club and how she is doing. Because I believe she can help us.” Maybe. Not for the whole season, but maybe for a short period of time,” Fuhrman explains.

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Otherwise she can attract from the whole. “Everyone’s fit so far, it’s looking good,” Fuhrman said. In the nearly two weeks leading up to the start of the team camp, many players are still looking forward to the English week due to an appearance in the final qualifying round for the Champions League group stage.

“Historic Opportunity for ÖFB”

APA/George Hochmuth

“It is a historic opportunity for the whole of Austrian football to be a part of the World Cup again. For one player or another, it may also be their last chance to experience the World Cup. So I am sure they will give not only In sport, but also to stay fit and healthy over the next two weeks, so that we can finally take advantage of the opportunity,” said the 41-year-old from Vienna.

If they win at Hampden Park (kick-off 8:35 pm CEST), Ireland will be waiting in the second play-off round on 11 October (7:00 pm CEST) at St. After that, a World Cup ticket or a transition to the Intercontinental Play-offs could happen. FB views not directed yet. First you have to overcome the first hurdle, and the preparation for a Scottish game is very short. After an easy session for all players on Tuesday, only the last training session takes place the day before the match.

“We don’t have much training time on the pitch, so it’s important to work financially. It’s a challenge for the players to prepare everything so that they can perform at their best,” Fuhrmann said. TV study of player assignments and creating a rival video package are his main priorities these days. There has to be a little celebration too. Fuhrmann turned 42 on Friday.

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