FIFA 21 EA Play: Early Access Access Trial begins today with release time confirmation

FIFA 21 EA Play: Early Access Access Trial begins today with release time confirmation

Fans will be able to play from FIFA 21 today, with the EA Play initial access trial period starting on October 1st.

FIFA Ultimate team players have been able to access the new FUT 21 web application since last night, the EA also unveiled the first FUT 21 team of the new Ultimate Team campaign featuring Luis Suarez, Bruno Fernandez and Wissam Ben Yeder in TOTW 1. .

For players who pre-order Ers October 9, or the game champion or Ultimate Edition, players should be able to access the new FUT 21 Companion app at some point today. But for players with an EA Play subscription, you can access the game today.

EA Play, formerly known as EA / Access / Original Access Access, is a monthly paid subscription service that offers players a variety of fits and discounts on Xbox, PS4 and PC, including early access access to FIFA 21. However, EA Play subscribers will only have a ten-hour trial period to play this game, but all your progress can be made when the full game is activated upon release.

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When is the release time for the EA Play initial access trial?

So when will players with an EA Play subscription be able to access their ten-hour trial of FIFA 21? EA Play subscribers will be able to access early access to FIFA 21 from 4pm on October 1, 2020.

If you decide to use EA Play to get access to FIFA 21 ten hours early, don’t forget to purchase a version of FIFA 21 to play after your ten-hour trial is over.

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Also, in terms of the ten-hour trial period, make sure that you manually close the FIFA 21 app when you’re done with your playing session on both Xbox One and PS4, as the game will continue in the background and on the clock. Will continue to run on your trial period!

EA Play is a subscription service that costs 99 3.99 per month Or . 19.99 per annum For Xbox, PlayStation and PC. There is also an EA Play Pro subscription, which costs -14.99 per month Or . 89.99 per annum, But this is only available for PC players.

EA Play will also give FIFA players a 10% discount on EA Digital purchases, including FIFA 21, FIFA Points and other games and content.

Can be played on FIFA 21, the next pay generation version of the gaming console, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series X / S. The console will be released in November. When you buy FIFA 21 on Xbox, PS4 or PC, you will have access to something called Dual Entitlement, which will enable you to upgrade from FIFA 21 to your PlayStation 4 on PlayStation 4, or from Xbox One to Xbox Series X. At no additional cost.

FIFA 219 will be released in the UK and worldwide on October, 2020, but some versions will let you play FIFA 21 a little earlier.

If you pre-order the FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition or Champion Edition on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, you can play from October 6, 2020. The FIFA 21 Standard Edition allows fans to play the game from the official UK and worldwide release date of October 920, 2020.

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