First discovery of prehistoric carvings in Scotland

Cerf élaphe majestueux représenté sur les gravures retrouvées. © veneratio, Adobe Stock

While walking one evening, an amateur archaeologist found some very old animal carvings, a first in Scotland.

a chain of deer carved into the rock The site was found at Kilmartin Glen, in the west of Scotland, which is known to have a large concentration of ancient remains. Archaeologists estimate the age of the engravings to be between 4,000 and 5,000 years old, and therefore they are from early bronze age or Neolithic.

A beautiful discovery made by chance

An amateur archaeologist, Hamish Fenton, stumbles upon pictures while walking around the site of a mound, Duncharig Cairn. Funeral. « I was passing Duncharig Cairn in the evening when I saw the burial chamber on the side of the cairn and decided to go inside with my torch. As I was lighting around, I noticed a pattern under the slab. roof Which did not look like traces of natural rocks. And by lighting up, I could see that I was looking at a deer upside down, and as I continued to look around, more animals appeared on the rock. he said.

Such discoveries are a real treasure trove of archaeology, helping to reshape the knowledge of our past.

Design two. contains images of Red Deer with men wood Well developed, considered the largest Cast Deer at this time, and three other quadrupeds, are believed to be juvenile deer. These animals were a priceless source of meat and leather, their bones and their wood used by local communities tool making. « Such discoveries are a real treasure trove of archaeology, helping to reshape the knowledge of our past. “, moved the amateur archaeologist.

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the belief that the artistic representations of the time in Britain were planned and geometric Overwhelmed by this discovery. Here, the structural details are remarkably fine and there is no doubt what is depicted. One deserves to wonder if there are other animal carvings hidden elsewhere, in other unlikely places, waiting to be discovered more in the United Kingdom.

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