Flight postponed – Scots threaten Master?

Flight postponed - Scots threaten Master?

FC Zurich is in the group stage of the Europa League. But the journey to and from Scotland becomes torture for the Guru.

FCZ has made it to the group stage of the Europa League. – twitter/fcz


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  • Fabian Rohner gave FCZ a 1-0 win over Heart of Midlothian.
  • However, the Swiss champion will have to be patient for the return flight from Edinburgh.
  • A classic game awaits at Letzigrund against FCB at 4.30pm on Sunday.

FC Zurich thanks you 1-0 win over Heart of Midlothian enter into europa league clear, Fabian Rohner, who had just come on as a substitute, scored the only goal of the game after 80 minutes. sat on the first leg boil team With 2:1 in Letzigrund.

A trip to Edinburgh far away is no picnic. The Swiss champion’s journey will be a test of patience due to the time slots cancelled. Departure for Scotland would have been scheduled for 11am – you could only take off at 2.20am.

And the return journey is also a torture. The plane should have taken off at 11 am today for Zurich. Now apparently another slot has been removed. The timing of the new flight should be at 5 pm. Is the Swiss club being harassed by the Scots? A wicked who thinks evil.

Of course, with the qualifications you have achieved, you accept the delay. But with regards to Sunday, FC Zurich is experiencing a difficult delay. After all, he travels FC Basel For the classic in Last Cause.

Who will win the Classic on Sunday?

And with renewed delays, the team is missing for half a day to prepare. opposite of this FCBWhich won against CSKA Sofia in the home game.

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