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Flogel on Scotland:

Thomas Flogel is a Scottish specialist among red-white-red footballers. Former Austrians on heroism, pig kicks, whiskey and more.

When Austria meets Scotland, one person is particularly excited: Thomas Flegel. The Austrian veteran worked at the Heart of Midlothian for five years, learning to love the country and his people. For “today” Former team players analyze “Highlander” – and worry about “Violet”.

“Scotland often plays a pig kick, but does not give up even when they are 3-0 down. The desire to win is huge, the fighters’ heart is huge. This makes them extremely dangerous.” In this way Flegel underscores the character of the first BFB opponent in World Cup qualification.

“The best time of my career”

The 49-year-old is the top specialist when it comes to “Bravehearts”. Viennese played 164 games on the island between 1997 and 2002 and won the Scottish FA Cup. “We beat the Rangers and became legends. The whole team was inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’. The period of ‘Hurts’ was the best of my entire career,” Flegel recalls.

He had some initial difficulties and was immediately added to the reserve team. “I really wanted to leave the club again, I told the coach to tear down my contract. In the next match I was in the starting line and scored two goals. It was over since then.”

He later returned with the national team and participated in a test at Hampden Park – where the World Cup qualification begins today. “I was the captain, we won 2–0.” Flegel believes that the current BFB team will achieve a similar result. “Our Legionnaires are for the most part key players in their clubs. Alaba, Sabitzer, Baumgartner, just to name a few. The Scots don’t have that density. If we’re all on board, we’re better.”

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Whiskey, haggis and skirt fall

In Scotland, Flegel learned not only British hardships, but also a new language. “Scots speak German, like Austrian German – everything is a little bit sinful. At first I didn’t understand anything,” he said.

Of course, one or the other whiskey was also tasted. “Although I must admit that I’m not a big whiskey drinker, I really can’t say my point. But it’s always been said that whiskey from small islands is better than the mainland. Even I The difference is tasted as well. For one, right. In any case, good people have to go straight to Scotland in small towns, which you can find in Austria in business, can’t keep up. “

Flegel also came in contact with Haggis, the ultimate Scottish gentleman. “Terrible. A sheep’s belly is filled with offal. Now there are different variations – stuffed with normal meat, spinach in it and so on. But I didn’t really need it.”

How she didn’t get too hot with a tartan skirt. “This is what we have under our leadership. It’s just a tradition with the locals, when everyone wears one, it looks casual – like a team photo or something else. But I haven’t bought my own. My It would make no sense. ” I am Austrian, not Scotch. “

“Austria on the right track? For Mariazel?”

If you talk to Flögel about Austria, he will stop laughing. Is it difficult for him to see “violets” at the moment? “Yes, but it’s easy for me. I just need to control the remote control and the TV. Now I only watch league conferences, not individual games. I have to be very angry.”

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The ex-kicker cannot understand Austria’s mishap, with whom he became a four-time champion and cup winner. “You always hear that they’re on the right track now. But where are they going? For Mariazale? The situation is not good. Austria is losing more and more acceptance. And nobody wants to blame. It’s slowly- It is slowly slowing down.

Is Investor Salvation? “I don’t know these people’s intentions, I don’t have insight. But I’m cautious. I’ve looked at Stronach, I’ve seen where it can go. The fact is: first and foremost, You. Need time to build something. Red Bull showed it. Despite the money, it took him years to develop. He was initially ruled out of the Champions League qualification against Dudelange. “

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