Football: Scotland on the road to success

Football: Scotland on the road to success

At 1:1 on Thursday, the victory was only overcome by a penalty goal in extra time. “The team has grown as a group and has international experience. Players in the English Premier League have been playing at a consistently high level,” said Clarke, explaining the current ups and downs should the World Cup take part.

But the Scots will have to be patient. Their home playoff match against Ukraine has been postponed until June due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The winner meets Austrian winner Wales, who won 2-1 on Thursday. For this his team should regain confidence. Despite the dismay of FB players, Clarke expects a tough game.

“Franco can walk with his head held high”

“You definitely want to thank Franco Foda,” the Scotland team boss emphasized on the German’s successes in an interview with the APA. “Austria played a very good European Championship tournament in 2021. Franco Foda can walk with his head held high,” said Clarke. “They will be disappointed after losing to Wales, but every time you play for your country So you want to do your best. They would definitely like to win the match,” the team boss said.


Steve Clark pays respect to his outgoing team boss colleague Phoda

The fact that the scenery at Ernst Happel Stadium will be modest doesn’t matter. “The players know what it’s like to play in an empty stadium.” He is sure Scottish fans will be heard.

Clarke will make some changes compared to the home match against Poland, he announced. Liverpool’s Andy Robertson will likely be there after surviving the coronavirus disease. “We have to keep going and keep the pace,” said the Scotland captain. “As a team we click for the first time in a long time. We have the confidence that comes with good results, but we have to keep working hard, big games are yet to come.” But he doesn’t take the OFB team lightly: “Austria had a bad result, but we know how much Well they can be.”

Last home win against Scotland 44 years ago

FB selection meets Scotland for the third time in a year after two doubles as part of World Cup qualification. Recent experiences with the world No. 40 player. – Austria are 30th – Were not very editable, they split 2-2 in Glasgow in March 2021 after moving twice. The home game was then lost 1–0 in Vienna in early September.

In the overall balance, however, Rot-Weiss-Rot is slightly ahead with eight wins, seven draws and seven losses, with the OFB team remaining without a win four times and only winning one of the last nine doubles. This was amicably in Glasgow in 2003 (2–0), the last home win being 1978 (3–2).

Balance Austria – Scotland

22 games – 8 wins, 7 draws, 7 losses, goal difference 35:28

May 16, 1931, Vienna (FS): Austria – Scotland 5:0

November 29, 1933, Glasgow (FS): Scotland – Austria 2:2

May 9, 1937, Vienna (FS): Austria – Scotland 1:1

13 December 1950, Glasgow (FS): Scotland – Austria 0-1

May 27, 1951, Vienna (FS): Austria – Scotland 4:0

June 16, 1954, Zurich (World Cup): Austria – Scotland 1-0

May 19, 1955, Vienna (FS): Austria – Scotland 1: 4

2 May 1956, Glasgow (FS): Scotland – Austria 1-1

May 29, 1960, Vienna (FS): Austria – Scotland 4:1

8 May 1963, Glasgow (FS): Scotland – Austria 4:1

November 6, 1968, Glasgow (WM-Q): Scotland – Austria 2:1

5 November 1969, Vienna (WM-Q): Austria – Scotland 2:0

September 20, 1978, Vienna (EM-Q): Austria – Scotland 3:2

17 October 1979, Glasgow (EM-Q): Scotland – Austria 1-1

20 April 1994, Vienna (FS): Austria – Scotland 1:2

August 31, 1996, Vienna (WM-Q): Austria – Scotland 0-0

2 April 1997, Glasgow (WM-Q): Scotland – Austria 2-0

30 April 2003, Glasgow (FS): Scotland – Austria 0-2

August 17, 2005, Graz (FS): Austria – Scotland 2:2

May 30, 2007, Vienna (FS): Austria – Scotland 0:1

March 25, 2021, Glasgow (WM-Q): Scotland – Austria 2:2

September 7, 2021, Vienna (WM-Q): Austria – Scotland 0:1

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