For the first time, a slim majority in favor of living in Britain

Scotland: For the first time, a narrow majority in favor of remaining in Great Britain

Scottish men and women are not sure what their potential goodbyes will be Great britain It can be called. The words “Saxeit” based on the Brexit model, “Scooty” for “Scottish Out” or “Neverendum” for the endless referendum, are not being taken too seriously on the internet as a prerequisite for independence from Britain.

In 2014, a thin section of the population denied the presence of detachments. Prime Minister of Scotland Nikola Sturgeon However, this is the goal of a second referendum. Recently, Scots with a majority in elections were in favor of Partition, and now the mood has changed, albeit very weakly: in a recent YouGov poll 49% spoke in favor of independence on behalf of the Times, versus 51% . The newspaper gave the news on Thursday.

London Reject a new scan. Sturgeon argued that the 2014 referendum was two years before the Brexit vote. Brexit has changed the circumstances. It was 2016 Scotland He apparently voted to remain in the European Union.

Sturgeon trouble

The Scottish National Party is expected to win by an absolute majority in regional elections in Scotland. However, internal disagreements currently cause disturbances in SNPs. President Nicholas Sturgeon is under increasing pressure for his role in the misconduct allegations scandal. It was claimed from his former close friend Alex Salmond, who was at the center of the case: Sturgeon is said to fool Parliament.

“The Scottish National Party cannot afford to lose many supporters,” pollster John Curtis of the University of Strathclyde told the Times. There are at least some party supporters who do not believe the sturgeon surgeon is telling the truth. However, the SNP issue is not the sole reason for opponents of the independence referendum. For example, uncertainty during the epidemic also plays a role in the fact that some Scots do not want to vote again, at least this year.

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