Four-day week: Scotland in testing phase

Four-day week: Scotland in testing phase

Berlin They already exist here and there in New Zealand, and more recently in Iceland. Now Scotland wants to test it too: a four-day week. According to media reports, the Scottish government is planning a trial phase to reduce the weekly working hours. NS BBC Refers to a report documenting the first experiences of the trial phases in Iceland and New Zealand – intended to serve as orientation to Scots.

One possible concept would be to not reduce the working hours uniformly every week. According to the survey, 80 percent of those surveyed supported the model. It increases wellbeing and productivity and ensures a good work-life balance. In addition, certain groups, such as parents, may be particularly benefited. Because the idea is that wages stay the same despite fewer hours. Ideally, the yield should also remain the same. Central adjustment screw productivity is: 20 percent less, but all work more effectively.

At present this project is only a pilot project. The Government of Scotland wants to learn how to adapt to the needs, working conditions and practices of employers and workers in the future. One study at the university of auckland, which, with a four-day-week trial phase in New Zealand, strikes a consistently positive balance: less stress, greater desire and incentive to work, an increased work-life balance.

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