Four meter mast and silver plate

Four meter mast and silver plate

Queen Elizabeth has several official residences and all are decorated for the holidays: among the most spectacular is the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

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for the royal family Christmas This is serious business: the royal residences are lavishly decorated and Queen Elizabeth Christmas respects traditions very sincerely. Sovereign He has already bought Christmas presents for his employees (pudding for everyone every year!) and it seems that weighed her guests Before and after Christmas lunch. apart from the property of sandringham, where the Queen spends Christmas with her family, all palaces and official residences of the royal family are decorated for the holiday. Definitely one of the most spectacular. the palace of holyroodhouse, in Scotland, among giant Christmas trees and lush garlands of leaves and real fruit.

Royal palace Christmas tree in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth has several official residences: the Scottish one is located in the castle of Holyroodhouse, an ancient mansion with decorated halls, paintings hanging on the walls and stairs of films. In short, there is no dearth of atmosphere, but the palace comes alive with new life on Christmas. The main gallery has a Christmas tree about four and a half meters high, decorated with hundreds of lights and glittering decorations, while the stairs leading to the historic State Apartments are completely decorated with velvet ribbons and “natural” garlands. Berries and seasonal leaves. The table in the Royal Dining Room is set with a silver service given to George V and Queen Mary in 1935 and decorated with flowers, garlands, and spiers of imitation candied fruit.

The palace is open to the public

When the residence does not host any members of the royal family it is open to visitors: the palace is located outside Edinburgh and is a unique tourist attraction, especially in the snow. Christmas events this year are centered on the figure of Mary, Queen of Scots: tourists can take part in historical reenactments, guided tours and even enjoy tea at the castle, imagining for an hour. May they be the guests of the Queen!


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