France beaten by Scotland in the last moments: Scotland’s shower extinguishes the blue dream

La France battue par l

To win. List four essays. 21 points more than Scotland, the best defenseman in the VI Nations tournament. This was the mission of the France team on Friday evening, before the kickoff of this final meeting. It was the equation of stealing the first place in Wales in any situation and thus winning the competition.

In addition, two unknowns were added before kick-off: wind and rain. Conditions far from ideal for sending the game and registering these necessary tests for eventual victory.

Blues reaction, at the foot of the wall

Unexpectedly, this influenced the story. After a good start for the French, rewarded with a penalty from Ntamack (3-0, 8th), Gregor Towsend’s men showed they were anything but a foal. After a long pick and go streak, van der Merwe made his first attempt of the meet (3-7, 15th).

VI Nations Tournament: To dream, the Blues have to be realistic against Scotland

XV du Chardon added a new hoe a few minutes later (3-10, 19). The start of the Scottish match cooled an already very refreshing atmosphere in late March.

But we’re starting to get used to it, it’s when France’s team is against the wall that it often reacts. The people of Fabian Galthi first found their salvation by the way forward.

Danaulin works on the Penaud plutter

After being rated too low on the Scottish line, Scream allowed the Blues to register their first try at the end of the line with a haphazard Damien Pennoud, who served Bryce Dulin on a plateau (13–10, 35th). The equation was (slightly) simplified: after the break it was now necessary to take three tries and enter 18 more digits.

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The French “remountada” took a bit more relief after a superb action by Wakatwa brilliantly by Penaud (18–10, 47th).
But scoring points is one thing, not taking it is another. As we know, the French defense will also be one of the essential things to complete the feat.

A mission that has become impossible

Stuart Hogg’s companions were just doing it badly. At a touch of 5 meters per hour of play, Cherry scored a test that gave Scotland the edge (18-20, 62nd). Everything had to be redone for the Blues. The mission was becoming almost impossible.

The French still wanted to believe it. An attempt by Rebadze (23-20, 66th) drove the expectation of a new end to the game a little crazy. Nothing changed the red card sent to Russell for an illegal charge on Dussell (70th). Behind La Rochelle, in plenty, even allowed Scotland to snatch the victory (23-27, 80th / 5). In view of the physiology of defeat and match without result in the standings.

Arnaud priest

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