Franco Voda’s team brings descent to Glasgow

Franco Voda's team brings descent to Glasgow
David Alba (left) is a member of the German national team in the Austrian team led by Franco Voda
History: Thursday 25th march place: Hampden Park, Glasgow Beginning: 19:45 GMT
Coverage: Live commentary on BBC Radio Scotland DAB / 810MW and BBC Radio Naan Gidel; Live text commentary on the BBC Sport website and app; Watch Sportscene highlights on BBC Scotland at 10.45am

It has been almost 23 years since Scotsman Craig Brown stepped off the pitch, head was sidelined, again with a desire to reach the knockout stage of a major final from behind, Geoffroy-Gaissard’s Saint-िनेtienne In the stadium.

The 3–0 World Cup loss to Morocco was a dark night for the Scottish international, at least we thought it was at the time. Do not participate in the five tournaments played because it may slightly soften the shadow for the country that was in that particular stage.

Now, at the beginning of the latest attempt to achieve the so-called “greatest spectacle on earth”, a possible anomaly of fate derives from the size of Austria.

Another country that had lost the final of the World Cup, the Austrians made it to the finals during the same event in France, where they defeated the same qualifying group as the Scots.

The Tartan Army does not need to remember how difficult it is to reach the World Cup these days. At that time, the top two in the group automatically qualified. Currently, only group winners can do so with the runners-up in a 12-team playoff match offering three places.

The Austrians, who will replace him at the European Championships this summer, are now enjoying the renaissance slightly and going through it with less pressure than the Scots.

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Austria, like Scotland, will make the finals for the European Championship this summer

With Steve Clarke’s team tied for the Euro in the United Nations group to end the November League main tournament gap, Austria was winning it and assuming that France, Belgium, Italy and Spain were automatically in Qatar. Will qualify for, they are the same thing. With Wales, the playoffs secured the Scots one last time.

Under coach Franco Voda, he is unbeaten in his last six matches, having lost only two of his last 16 matches and won four games in a row. Those away from the win include successes from Norway, Romania and Northern Ireland as they scored several goals – some of which the Scots were struggling for.

Most of the team’s players play in the big Bundesliga and after concerns that a travel ban would prevent these stars from joining the squad, the Austrian Federation’s waiting match paid dividends with all 19 participants.

To see a

David alaba

Perhaps the most famous team in Austria, Alaba from Bayern Munich, played most of their games in the midfield with Germany’s Jerome Boateng, winning the August Champions League final against Paris Saint-Germain. But he tends to play everywhere except Austria and can play in left midfield at Hampden. The 28-year-old Bavarian leaves the Bavarians at the end of the season on a free transfer, and has a deal with someone with great connected defenders.

Christoph Baumgartner

Christoph Baumgartner

The young Hoffenheim midfielder thrusts into the Austrian engine room with the initially injured captain and Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Julian Baumgartlinger for the Dhamkamukki. A very promising attacking midfielder, he has been one of the biggest threats this season of the Bundesliga and has recently signed a contract extension to reduce interest.

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Marcel Sabitzer

Marcel Zappitzer

The RB Leipzig captain is a superb job, as he will miss Celtic at their current club with Celtberg and the Europa League clash before that. He is also in good shape, as his win and the eighth goal in the season against Armenia over the weekend put Bundesliga leaders Bayern under pressure. He scored seven goals for Austria during the Euro 2020 qualifier.


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