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Since yesterday, the Period Products Bill has become law in Scotland, the first regulatory provision in the world to guarantee free and universal supply of sanitary pads to women and all basic products needed during the menstrual period.

The initiative, formally launched in early 2020 by Scottish local government led by independence leader Nicola Sturgeon, yesterday received the final green light from the Parliament of Edinburgh, with a unanimous majority of both the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the separatist majority of the parties Votes received. British Unionist: From the Conservatives, to Labor, to the Liberal Democrats, to the Greens.

Both sanitary pads should be made available around the various counties in the Northern Territory of the United Kingdom by local authorities and heads of schools and educational institutions. This is a complete novelty between the United Kingdom and the rest of the planet’s countries, as many activists of women’s organizations point out in today’s media comments. “The campaign was supported by a broad coalition of trade unions, women’s organizations and charities,” underlined Monica Lennon, a local lawmaker who was one of the promoters of the law. “This is an indication to the world that free universal access to menstrual products can be guaranteed,” she concluded.

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