Freedom at risk. We explain the Salmond scandal

  Freedom at risk.  We explain the Salmond scandal

Nikola Sturgeon has been accused by the former Scottish Prime Minister of being part of a conspiracy against him. Accusations can undermine the cause of freedom

Scottish Prime Minister Nicholas Sturgeon, Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain, February 23, 2021. REUTERS / Russell Chiwe

After Brexi Many have seen Scotland. If in 2014 Referendum for independence He got about 45% of the vote, which would be if he did Scottish National Party Will he return to ask the Scots questions? We do not know: Although elections work Yes 48%, 9% voters remain undecided. It is true that the latest elections at the time were accurate, specifying the victory of the measure No.

But this point is not so or only this: there have been internal fights led by the Scottish State Party to complicate the fate of Scotland. Nikola Sturgeon, Which went from 39% to 47% of consensus between 2017 and 2019 and thanks to the popularity of the Scottish Premier today and a good handling of the epidemic, it will travel around 53%.

Le alex de alex salmond

Internal skirmishes concern a story that involves the previous one leader Scottish Alex salmond, Who led the party for 20 years (with a break of 5 years) and elevated the SNP by 20%. Nothing compares to Sturgeon’s success, which has become leader After the first referendum.

What is happening? That Salmed was accused of sexual harassment by several people and, after admitting to an extramarital affair and inappropriate behavior, he was released from the charges. What matters to the fate of Scotland, and being investigated by the Scottish Parliament, are not allegations against Salmond, but that the former leader The SNP addresses the testimony of the case provided by its party and Sturgeon himself.

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Former Scotland Prime Minister Accuses His Ex-Peers To plot “To the point of being imprisoned” for destroying her reputation. Salmond claims he hatched a conspiracy against him Peter Murrell, Sturgeon’s husband and major party figure, as well as Liz lloydScottish Premier’s chief of staff. the former leader He was to testify at Horrod, the seat of parliament in Edinburgh, but decided to postpone it after extracting some evidence from the dossier he had prepared.

Potential implications of the case

The dark side of the story is: the judicial inquiry is the result of an investigation that arose within Parliament – which changed the rules to open the investigation on the behavior of elected representatives. #Me too. The parliamentary inquiry was dismissed as inappropriate as it was revealed that the inquiry in-charge had met the accused before the complaints. Sturgeon was told that the investigation was “plagued by potential bias.” In short, there will be a conspiracy to eliminate almonds once and for all from the SNP’s political life.

Sturgeon himself is in trouble because he allegedly lied or gave partial information to Parliament on which he had learned about Salmond’s allegations and the contacts he had to talk about the case. The question, in addition to confirming the hypothesis of the plot, is of greater relevance. If Sturgeon had lied in Parliament, he would have broken the Scottish Cabinet Code of Conduct for Ministers and would have to resign. The Scottish Premier refused and promised to report to the Inquiry Committee to testify.

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What is important to us in Europe is not so much what actually happened as the possibility of Sturgeon’s resignation. The popularity of the cause of independence is also linked to his figures and such a scandal would tarnish his image. Not only that, the SNP will be without leader Embroiled in a battle of succession and referendum, it is hoped that if the party wins an absolute majority in the local elections to be held in May next year, it will walk away. And there is also the possibility that Brexit only affects part of The uk.


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