From Iceland: DFB plane has to stop in Scotland

From Iceland: DFB plane has to stop in Scotland

The reason for the interruption of the return flight since the unplanned stop of the German national team in Edinburgh World Cup Qualifiers in Iceland For Germany still not clear.

DFB spokesman Jens Grittner announced Thursday morning that there was “no disturbance” and that “nothing medical was responsible for the charter plane landing in Scotland. The plane is suspected to have malfunctioned. At the moment it is still “everything. There is a check protocol for cancellation”.

The DFB again emphasized that all the fellow passengers of the DFB convoy are doing well. The association is currently organizing return visits for players, coaches and supervisors and is examining all options. There was no excitement in the group, it was also assured.

DFB plane had to stop in Scotland after victory in Iceland

“Safety first. Safe stopover in Edinburgh as a precaution,” the DFB team announced on its Twitter account a few hours ago.

not all actors in 4-0 win on Wednesday evening In Reykjavik boarded a plane destined for Frankfurt am Main. England pros around Timo Werner and Ilkay Gundogan should go back to their clubs in person. Bayern trio Manuel Neuer, Serge Gnabry and Joshua Kimmich also preferred to fly to Munich on a scheduled flight from Reykjavik to Munich on Thursday morning.

Neuer said at the airport that it would be more comfortable for him personally to sleep through the night and then fly straight. “It was better for us,” he said after checking-in at the airport. The captain also had contact with colleagues in Edinburgh through a chat group run by the national team.

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