From Scotland to Belgium it will not be possible to drink in public.

From Scotland to Belgium it will not be possible to drink in public.

No alcohol, except your home. The region? This affects (indirectly) the transitions of Kovid-19. This is what the authorities in Scotland and Belgium have established to stop the spread of coronavirus. The decision, which was expected, did not go down to the managers of the campus. But also for their patrons, especially in Scotland, where pubs are an institution.

Eventually, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon discovered that there was a sort of beach ground to avoid the closure of the pub and new outbreaks: the complex would remain open, but they would not sell indoors for 16 days. It will be allowed to eat and drink and serve soft drinks indoors from 6 am to 6 pm. Hotel restaurants will be able to serve people even after these hours, but without alcohol. In compliance with current regulations, pubs and restaurants will still be able to serve outside people. This is at the national level, while at the local level, in areas with infection rates above the alert level, pubs will have to remain closed: at the moment, five provinces have been affected by the measure.

Brussels, on the other hand, was clear: the test positive rate in the Belgian capital is about 7%, or 1 positive every 7 trials. And intensive care is beginning to register an employment rate of 20%, despite many patients being moved out of the city. A worrying situation that prompted the regional government to prevent itself from adopting more drastic measures due to a suspected case of Kovid-19 among its members. Hits the toughest bars, forced to close their doors for a month and ban alcohol consumption in public. Restaurants will remain open, but no alcohol or beer can be served: “Bars are more dangerous than restaurants, because they have more movement of people within them,” government experts supported the measure.

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