Front page of independence newspaper in Scotland

Front page of independence newspaper in Scotland

The enthusiasm you don’t expect: The front page of the Scottish independence newspaper The National Newspaper features a picture of Roberto Mancini, whose face is painted like a Braveheart and an appeal: “Save us, you’re our only hope”.

For European Championship final tomorrow evening Italy at Wembley can count on the support of Scotland, or at least the independence newspaper The National Newspaper which today publishes a front page with Roberto Mancini in Braveheart and with the sentence: “Save us Roberto, you are our last hope.” !”

Mancini as the Braveheart: the front page of the independence newspaper from Scotland that supports Italy

“Tomorrow’s Front Page: Save Us Roberto, You Are Our Last Hope!”, he writes facebook page Our whistle is painted blue, like Mel Gibson, in the role of Scottish national hero William Wallace, announcing The National Newspaper photo. The image’s subtitle is even more hilarious and explains, in case no one understood, what is the real reason for the independent Scots’ sudden obsession for our national football team: “We couldn’t bear them” 55 years more “What they are proud of”. The reference is clearly to England’s victory in the 1966 World Cup, and to the Scots’ torment with the English arrogance for the winning cup.

However, the comments on The National Newspaper Post are not very positive: many of the criticisms are considered excessive and low journalistic index for One Shot. Who knows those who didn’t appreciate the first page will be more satisfied with any other article, the classic “sprawl” of the Freedom newspaper, which states “Is football ‘coming home’? No – because Scotland invented the modern game”. In short, Scotland invented football, it is useless for the British to try to make people believe otherwise. To balance the negative remarks a bit, however, Italians who saw the tribute on the front page with Mancini Braveheart thought about it: “I know that as usual in Edinburgh and Glasgow they always take Sunday talk in person. take it”, someone writes.

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