game | France’s XV: 31 players selected to prepare for Scotland

  game |  France's XV: 31 players selected to prepare for Scotland

by La Provence (with AFP)

The 31 players called this Monday by coach Fabian Galthy, after five new cases of Covid-19 were detected, to prepare for the France-Scotland match during the third day of the tournament. Complete list. Six Nations:

first lines: Dorian Aldegheri (Toulouse, 7 caps), Uni Attonio (La Rochelle, 35 caps), Demba Bamba (Lyon, 14 caps), Gaten Barlott (Casters, 0 caps), Teddy Boubini (Racing 92, 1 caps), Pierre Bourgarit ( La Rochelle, 5 selections), Hassan Collinger (Racing 92, 3 selections), Thierry Paiva (Bordeaux-Begles, 0 selections)

second lines: Kylian Geraci (Lyon, 2 caps), Cyril Cazaux (Bordeaux-Bagles, 0 caps), Bernard Le Roux (Racing 92, 46 caps), Paul Willems (Montpellier, 14 caps).

third lines: Gregory Aldritt (La Rochelle, 20 caps), Dylan Cretin (Lyon, 7 caps), Anthony Zelonch (Casters, 6 caps), Baptiste Pescenti (Pau, 2 caps), Cameron Vocki (Bordeaux-Beggles, 4 caps)

scrum half: Sebastian Bezzi (Clermont, 8 caps), Baptiste Serin (Toulon, 40 caps), Maxime Lucu (Bordeaux-Beggles, no selection)

Half Opening: Louis Carbonell (Toulon, 3 selections), Matthew Jalibert (Bordeaux-Bagles, 10 selections)

Center: Pierre-Louis Barassi (Lyon, 2 caps), Gael Ficou (Stade Fran├žais, 60 caps), Jonathan Danti (Stade Fran├žais, 6 caps), Yoram Moefana (Bordeaux-Beggles, 0 caps)

Wing: Damien Penaud (Clermont, 19 caps), Teddy Thomas (Racing 92, 24 caps), Donovan Taofifenua (Racing 92, 0 caps)

Previous: Anthony Bauthier (Montpelier, 6 caps), Thomas Ramos (Toulouse, 14 caps)

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