Gb: 170 European intellectuals, EU recognizes Scotland – Europe secession

Kovid: Cold reception for Will and Kate in Scotland and Wales - Europe

(ANSA) – London, APRIL 29 – There is an appeal to the European Union to declare itself ready to reopen the doors of Scotland and to recognize its religion from London, to the Scots as a response to Brexit. Must support. It is an initiative launched by 170 European intellectuals, including Italian authors hiding behind the pseudonym of Alina Ferent from a column in the British Progressive newspaper Guardian, a few days after a fragile round of administrative elections in the United Kingdom. Will also happen. North, with the renewal of the local assembly in Edinburgh.

Among the signatories, many English personalities stand out, such as writers Ian McEwan and Jonathan Coe or composer Brain Eno, but for the most part they are Scottish, Irish, or from various European Union countries across the continent: from Slovenian philosopher to Slavic zzek to Greek Political scientist Kalpipo Nicolaidis, as well as Ferrante. (hand).

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