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Kovid: Cold reception for Will and Kate in Scotland and Wales - Europe

(ANSA) – London, MEE 06 – Ballot papers opened this morning in several areas of Great Britain, where around 48 million eligible voters are called to vote for a round of administrative elections called by the BBC on the American “Super Thursday” Has given the name.

For Boris Johnson’s Tory government, more than a year after the Kovid emergency, but for Carer Starr’s labor opposition, and especially for Scotland, this is an important test: where the SNP’s separatist, local First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Are headed by. To further strengthen his leadership and perhaps to gain an absolute majority in the race for renewal of the Edinburgh Parliament, to try to challenge him to achieve that second post-Brexit referendum on secession from London, which Johnson is at the moment. The government refused

Voting will remain open until 10 pm local time (11 am in Italy) and the counting will take place 48 hours later on Saturday, with mass results on Saturday.

In Scotland and Wales, 16-year-old children also vote. Some consultations were scheduled for 2021, others (such as the one for London City Hall) have been recovered after being postponed due to an epidemic in 2020. (hand).

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