Gerard leaves the Rangers. The club thanked him: “Dignity returned to Scotland and Europe”.

Gerrard lascia i Rangers. Il club lo ringrazia: "Restituita dignità in Scozia e in Europa"

Steven Gerrard Aston Villa has a new manager, The official announcement came a while ago: the former midfielder left Rangers, wishing the English good luck, recalling the great work done: “Steven Gerrard left after playing a key role in the development of the Midlands. light blues In many areas in these three and a half years.
Rangers now have an excellent game, a competitive team capable of winning and entertaining on all fronts. In European competitions they have qualified for the group stage for four consecutive seasons and for the knockout stage in the last two, improving not only the club’s position at continental level, but Scottish football as well.
At the national level, Gerrard’s work culminated in his 55th title win after an unbeaten season. Now leave Rangers at the top of the Scottish Premiership in the Scottish Cup semi-finals and with the opportunity to qualify once again for the Europa League knockout stage.
Rangers President, douglas parkcommented: ‘I would first like to thank Steven for his excellent work. He gave us all unforgettable moments, not least the victory of the Scottish Premiership. In European competitions, he has restored our club’s good name and credibility on the continent.’

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