get paid to live on the beach

get paid to live on the beach

Good news for those who watch – more or less strict – alternative to office work, boring, always the same and one that forces you to live in the city. There are people who really aren’t made to be at the same desk every day, and that’s right. We come to the good news: Two “ranger” positions are sought to investigate about two miles of coastline at Lunan Bay, a bay north of Edinburgh in Scotland.

It involves walking on the beach, taking a walk in the nearby forest and doing it with the arrival of tourists in the summer season starting in July.

Lunan Bay is well known in Scotland, and every summer hundreds of people come to camp to enjoy the sea, the scenery and the wind that blows all the time. For this you need two seasonal rangers and for those who love Northern Europe, the sea and the outdoors, it is truly a dream.

In addition to monitoring the coastline, monitoring work will also be carried out inland from Bodin to the city of Athi Haven to be precise. Visiting tourists here, directing them and of course, because we’re in Scotland, everything has to be done in English, even if speaking other languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike German, French, Spanish or Italian takes extra points. .

Mr. Lunani

Those lucky enough to rent in this beautiful corner of Scotland will not only have to give directions and check out the beach, but tourists and visitors alike need to pay attention to the preservation of the habitats, respect for the marine fauna and flora and not leave behind garbage. have to be educated about. Area.

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The two new rangers will be in close contact with the Scottish Police and other staff working in the field to protect the environment and safety.

But let’s face it, doing a thing like this, in addition to doing tasks, is also about getting immersed in a beautiful place and traveling, traveling and taking walks all over Scotland in your spare time. Not to mention things to see in Lunan Bay: Above the mouth of the Lunan River, for example, are the ruins of a 12th-century “Red Castle”. And this is just one of many.

In short, it is a region with a history and a disproportionate number of beauties. Better to spend the summer here than to be locked in a sultry office, isn’t it?

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