Glasgow Rangers imitate successful Liverpool FC in Scotland

Glasgow Rangers imitate successful Liverpool FC in Scotland

GlasgowJürgen Klopp has been committed for a long time. “If I was asked who I should follow, I would speak Stevie. I will help him whenever I can, ”the Liverpool coach said a while back about his potential successor. This Stevie is in the path of longtime LFC captain Steven Gerrard. And he is currently in the process of turning Glasgow’s hungry rangers into something like a copy of Klopp’s Liverpool and thus almost inevitably positioning himself as the German’s successor who is possibly the most popular German on the island .

After 14 matches, the Rangers are leading the Scottish Premiership and have already scored an astonishing 37 goals. The most recent 8–0 against Taillight Hamilton alone was a football celebration – including a pathetic announcement from Gerrard. “Our stadium will be a fort again. We want to be a formidable opponent and defend our goal with our lives. Opponents have been here for a long time and they had a good time. That will not happen again, ”said the 40-year-old Rangers coach. By the way, archery Celtic is about to spoil the record of ten championships in a row.

When Gerrard took his first senior position at Rangers two years ago, Ibrox’s brilliant club was completely off color. Although, they fought their battles quickly from the fourth floor to the first floor after bankruptcy, they were powerless against Celtic. Gerrard came in to change – with a point of view and no disagreement for Klopp off the pitch.

“Football has not changed”

According to the Daily Mail, Gerrard made Rangers a “rubbish-free zone” from day one. The Liverpool legend directly states what does not suit him, but never lacks the necessary respect. Everyone needs to know where Gerard is, even if they don’t like to hear it. The training ground has been improved so that players can spend more time there. The fine has also been tightened. Likewise Gerrard managed to convert the odd class into a disciplined unit that is now unbeaten for 20 games.

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“Football hasn’t changed. It’s like 100 years ago. I tell my players what Gerrard Hullier and Rafa Benitez told me in 1999.” Some coaches complicate things. I tell my team very clearly Tell me how things are and what I expect from them. “

Word has been around that the Rangers have become more like a mini-LFC. “The system is similar to Liverpool, only the players are different. They play the same style lately and at home, ”said George Jesus, Benfica Lisbon coach, recently. The Portuguese record champion gained a 3: 3 in early November against Gerrard’s team, once ridiculed as a nameless team, now becoming more and more a face.

Longtime Scottish national goalkeeper Alan McGregor, 38, Northern Irish passport machine Steven Davis, 35 and former English international striker Jermaine Defoe, 38, are lagging behind giants such as Romanian Ianis Hagee, son of Colombo Alfredo Morelos and son of veteran Giorhegi. . Gerrard’s most important player is captain James Tavernier, who moved to Glasgow in 2015 when the Rangers were still playing in the second-rate championship. As a right defender, the 29-year-old has 58 goals and 83 assists in 263 games for the traditional club.

The big star is still the coach two years ago in Russia. Rangers were to compete in the playoffs for the Europa League at FC Ufa. Soon after the landing, Gerrard was directed to the interrogation room by an allegedly serious-looking officer. There were a number of Liverpool shirts on the table – and Gerrard was kindly asked to sign them.


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