Glasgow Rangers: Scottish supporters will not be present

Glasgow Rangers: Scottish supporters will not be present

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Days after an order banning the attendance of Glasgow Rangers supporters in the Lyon metropolitan area, the Home Office took a stand against the travel of 2,000 Scottish fans scheduled for a Europa League meeting on Thursday.

He was supposed to be around 2000 (6:45 pm) to travel to Scotland to cheer for his favorite team for Thursday’s match against the OL. On Monday, the Home Office published a decree banning the attendance of Glasgow Rangers supporters at Rhone Stadium for posters on the sixth day of the Europa League group stage.

Last week, Rhone Province A resolution had already been taken to bar Scottish fans from entering the Lyon metropolitan area and the area around the sports arena. Lastly, even spectators who bought their tickets through the British formation would not be able to attend the meeting.

Several reasons given to justify the order

The reasons given for this decree are the Festival of Lights, and so the consequent police system has been applied to the event, but more recent incidents with supporters of the Rhne, starting from le-Marseille on 21 November. It has also been determined that the movements of gers Huh “often a source of public disorder”“On the way, several incidents outside the stadium had also stopped the game between the two teams.

which led, “From Wednesday 8 December to Thursday 9 midnight, the individual or collective movement of any person, in any way, taking advantage of the quality of a Rangers Football Club supporter or acting as such, between the boundary points of the street is prohibited, on the one hand.” rail, French seaports and airports, and the municipalities of Dacine-Charpieu, Mezzieu and Lyon on the other., indicates the press release.

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