Golf Facility Duwenhof: Indoor Golf Simulator – Play Golf Like California or Scotland

Golf Facility Duwenhof: Indoor Golf Simulator - Play Golf Like California or Scotland
Michael Baldinger, head of Golf Academy MB at Duwenhof Golf Course on T1 of the legendary St Andrews Links Golf Course in Scotland – at least virtually (Photo: Duwenhof Golf Course / Nadia Joppen)

I want to. A round of the famous St Andrews Links Golf Course in Scotland or Pebble Beach Golf Links in sunny California – and that Lower Rhine in the middle of winter, which tends to rain? – It Works: At Duwenhof Golf Course in Willich, golfers can now play indoor golf and have a choice of a total of 147 golf courses around the world.

Michael Baldinger, head of the Golf Academy MB in Duwenhof, bought the “Trackman 4 simulator” – for several reasons: “It’s about having fun with golf and variety: not everyone can fly to Scotland, Canada or California, and to the local courts.” Play. It is equally important to me that we can expand and improve golf training opportunities through digitization,” says Michael Baldinger.

Trackman 4 Simulator with the latest technology simulates the golf game as realistically as possible and projects the landscape of the respective course on the big screen. The golfer hits the ball in the training room, triggering a simulation of the trajectory as it hits the screen until the ball rolls over. Projection on the screen gives a realistic picture of the respective golf course: for programming, each course was actually measured on site and all special features – such as sand bunkers, slopes, waves – were recorded. There are more than 30 courses among 147 golf courses that are played by professionals on the PGA Tour. “With Trackman 4, inclement weather, early darkness, freezing temperatures and closed courses are now a thing of the past,” says Michael Baldinger, pleased with the pleasant golfing experience.

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In addition, the system provides opportunities to make training diverse and effective. Golfers can analyze swings at the driving range using a variety of parameters, or compete in various competition modes, such as “closest to the pin”, “bull’s eye”, “capture the flag” alone or with fellow players. Professionals of Golf Academy MB are also available for training sessions in the simulator. “I’ve been working with golf simulators for about 15 years and have been with clients until they learned to play. Today’s generation of equipment is much better and has a measurement accuracy of 95 percent,” says Michael Baldinger Huh. The launch takes place in the sports room at the driving range using a laser beamer, which shows the state of the space in detail. “As the operating company of Duwenhof Golf Course, we are delighted that we can also offer golfers this diverse training and game improvement with the required specifications. It is a win-win for all,” said the managing directors of Golfsport Wilich GmbH. One of them says Michael Kerkhoff. The handicap requirement for players on “Trackman 4” is HCP 36 and better.

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