Google Maps will suggest potentially deadly routes in Scotland

Google Maps will suggest potentially deadly routes in Scotland

The application is widely used to be able to find your way, although according to Scottish organizations, Google Maps will indicate dangerous routes in some areas of Scotland (United Kingdom), urging the population to be careful.

Among them, the John Muir Trust Association, which recently made this observation, specifically regarding the Ben Nevis mountain, which rises to 1,341 meters high.

In fact, the problem arises above all when the car tries to access it while en route. Indeed, Google Maps’ algorithm only pinpoints a route as the crow flies without proposing one of the existing routes.

The walking path offered by the mapping application is difficult, even for experienced people, to pass due to its steep aspect, potentially fatal in rainy conditions.

Google Maps takes note of this report

Another attraction in the country affected by this computer bug: Mount ‘n Tealach. To access it, Google Maps actually highlights a route that’s least special… as it leads to the edge of a cliff.

When asked by the British daily The Guardian on the subject, a representative of the American company assured that work is being done to resolve all these problems.

“We created Google Maps with the desire for reliability and safety. We are working actively to investigate these road problems in Ben Davis and elsewhere,” she said.

Finally, the representative encourages local organizations, such as the John Muir Trust and Mountaineering Scotland, to collaborate with the application by sharing geographic data using a dedicated geo data upload tool.

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