Greens set to enter government in Scotland

Greens set to enter government in Scotland

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In Scotland, the Greens are preparing to enter local government. After summer talks, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s party has struck a deal with environmentalists for power-sharing.

With our correspondent in London, Claire DiGiacomi

This is the first time in the United Kingdom: two environmentalists in local government, of Scotland. With this agreement, the Prime Minister nicola sturgeon It has a dual purpose: to present an executive committed to the climate at Cop26, held on its land in November, and to strengthen its coalition forindependence of scotland, both sides defended.

, This is not an alliance and we do not agree on all subjects. But we step out of our comfort zones to focus on what brings us together. And we do it not out of political necessity, but for the common good Nicola Sturgeon said.

In their agreement, the two formations planned that they would be able to oppose on certain subjects, such as defence. But they will share the same program on climate, Scottish independence or even rent control.

, Our two parties will work together to build a robust and ambitious program for a greener economic recovery after COVID-19, a ‘New Deal’ for tenants and a fundamental change in our approach to transportation. », assured Greens co-leader and future minister Patrick Harvey.

The reshuffled government expects a new referendum on Scottish independence before the end of 2023. However, in order to hold it, it would need agreement. boris johnson Those who have always opposed it till now.


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