Gregory Aldritt, captain of France’s XV against Scotland, declared: “England often plays with rule”

Gregory Aldritt, captain of France's XV against Scotland, declared:

Gregory Aldrit only wants to focus on the match against the English, before the postponement of the match, announced the captaincy to replace captain Charles Olivan against Scotland.

How did you find yourself in the aftermath of this Kovid episode and its controversies?

The group met on Sunday evening and we attacked on Monday morning this week of preparation which is important in the tournament. We attacked him as in previous weeks too, very funny, smiling, with good humor. I think we were all very happy to team up with Marcosis to prepare for this very big match that awaited us this weekend.

It was a mention of a certain distrust towards Fabian Galthey during the bursting of the health bubble, what exactly is it in the group?

These are just rumors. We met on Sundays and attacked Mondays in the first three weeks. There has been no change.

How has the group experienced this fun period since returning from Ireland?

We had a fairly strict protocol and we always follow our protocol. The same will happen in the coming weeks. We are following the guidelines but above we are trying to prepare as much as possible for this weekend’s game. This is what matters to us.

You have not talked about cluster among yourself? Did Fabian Galthi not tell you about it?

Things happen in groups and they stay in groups. It is part of the XV of France. An investigation has been done and everything has been said in it.

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You were tipped to captain against Scotland, how did you perceive it and do you feel that your position within the group has changed?

I do not know if I have any new status. It was definitely a great honor when I was announced, but I stayed the same and kept doing what I have been doing from the beginning. It was a great honor to replace Charles. Now we all are happy to target for England.

How do you speak in a group? Under what circumstances?

This happens naturally and is done very well in the group with many players trying to support Charles, such as Bryce Dulin, Antoine DuPont or Julian Marchand. It is not a program or calculation. When someone has to say something, they say how it works. This is our strength.

How do you analyze the current difficulties of English, especially in the context of discipline?

England is a team that plays with great intensity and often with rules. Of course, sometimes it is not passed, but English is proficient and makes big matches for a few years. This is never easy at Twinkham. It is up to us to put too much intensity in the bump zone. This is the kind of game in which you have to concentrate from the first to the last minute. We can’t afford the slightest bit, the slightest lapse, because this is a team that has a lot of qualities, whether it is behind or in front and we can pay it in cash.

After everything that has happened in recent weeks, are you still thinking of a Grand Slam or is it an anecdote?

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We told ourselves at the beginning of the tournament that we all want to win the match, because we are competitive. But it would be a little early to think of a Grand Slam. This weekend is an important game and we have to focus on that. If we work in order, we can dream of a grand slam later.

Le rocks package

FFR announced the withdrawal of second line Bernard le Roux (46 selections) last night. Racingman is replaced in the group by Swan Rebudge (RC Toulon, 1st selection).Wales: two changesRome to face Italy on Saturday (3:15 pm): Gareth Davis replaces injured Kieran Hardy and will start in the second line in place of Scam Bird. Team : Li. Williams; Rees-Zmitt, North, J. Davis, Adams (O) Biggar, (M) G. Davis; Tiriyak, Faletau, Navadi; AW Jones (hat), Hill; Francis, Owens, W. Jones. Remember it : D, Carre, Brown, Ball, Wainwright, LL. Williams, Shady, Hallaholo


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