“Guardian wanted for uninhabited island in Scotland”: an avalanche of candidates

Edinburgh. Everyone wants to be the caretaker of an uninhabited island for thirty years. This occurs for the island of Martin in Scotland. An appeal was launched via the official Facebook profile by the trust owner of this natural pearl, five minutes by boat from the shore near the town of Ullapool: We were looking for a person, individual or couple to look after the island, With two beaches and a museum hut, birdwatching’s paradise and home to an algae festival (September 6 to 12) and despite the great natural interest it doesn’t attract many tourists. The caretaker – according to the announcement – should be able to lead a boat to the mainland in case of need, look after the island with small maintenance interventions, clean public toilets, enforce anti-Covid regulations and welcome tourists Will have to do Pay: £150 per week. Without the cost, however: because there is no current on the isla, the energy is guaranteed by a generator.

The news was picked up by the BBC and the email provided was raided. “We are sorry but we have been overwhelmed with questions and messages for promotion. Thank you very much everyone for your interest but we are unable to respond to other communications for the foreseeable future”, the new announcement reads, “If You have sent an email with the application by 10.30 PM on Saturday 29th May Your application will be considered but if you do not have any news by 10th June it is not forwarded. Please, do not send email to any relevant address whatever you can get.”

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