Guardians of the Scottish Forest in a Fairy Tale, Couple

Guardians of the Scottish Forest in a Fairy Tale, Couple

About 50 kilometers from Inverness, Scotland, is the county of Ross-shire, surrounded by greenery and landscapes one expects to find in that wonderful land: woods, lakes, moors, clean air and excellent beer. .

A very interesting work has recently been discovered in those parts, intended for a close couple who want to live in a beautiful country house in the midst of nature. It is a question of taking care of the house and hosting those who spend a few days on vacation from those shores. Cleaning, landscaping, cooking and maintaining property security.

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The scenery is spectacular and the work is defined as a “dream”, one of those opportunities that throws itself without much thought. UP This Site You can get all the details by looking at the various nuances like this: “Candidates must be non-smoker, must have a driver’s license, must be motivated, reliable and instinctively clean.” Plus, as specified, it’s even better if you’re a close couple. In fact it would all be more natural.

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