Guide to Group D of the European Championships: England and Croatia one step ahead of Scotland and the Czech Republic

Mason Mount, giocatore di punta della Nazionale inglese e del Chelsea

At the 2020 European Championships, Group D promises to be the most beautiful in the entire tournament.
With England and Croatia raising the group’s technical rate, they would have to contend with Scotland and the Czech Republic who would certainly not be there to make extras.
Group D will be played between England and Scotland, where Wembley Stadium and Hampden Park will host these six matches.

Croatia, the winner of their qualifying Group E with 17 points, will face the semi-final loss of the 2018 World Cup, England.


On that occasion, the Croats had to surrender to France in the final, who would later become world champions.
Since then it seems that Croatia has lost its luster and clarity, having won 12 of its last 28 matches, won one game and lost six in the Nations League.
Zlatko Dalić will certainly be able to rely on the onslaught of fire on the strong point of the Croatian team.
The same cannot be said of the defense, which is often seen as the weak point and Achilles’ heel of the formation.
Croatia captain Luka Modric is looking to capitalize on second place in the World Cup and raise his formation at the European Championships higher than ever.


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