Half of the United Kingdom cheers for Italy

Half of the United Kingdom cheers for Italy

running on social media Here in Italy also updated version of Braveheart with Roberto Mancini’s face, About Front page for The National Scotland today 10 July page. Apparently a meme, as the image accompanies the message”you are our last hope“. While we’re talking about the option here diagnosis, regarding opinion commentary on Italy-England (journalist tests positive in Covid), with the indifferent option of Bruno’s Pizza Already denied YesterdaySomething strange happens in the UK.

National Scotland offers Mancini in Braveheart version: they cheer for Italy

Apart from luis enrique, given that TC Spain On Tuesday evening he confirmed that he would be happy for Azurri, with the United Kingdom also having interesting initiatives. The first page of This Saturday published by The National Scotland is authentic and you can even get a taste of it on official website. The cover with Mancini in the Braveworth edition basically tells us that In Scotland they will all cheer for Italy at Wembley tomorrow night.

The rivalry with England was too strong for things to go differently. However, take a look at social networks to get an idea of ​​the fact that Irish and Welsh will also be with us. In the past few hours, in support of the Goliardic cover of The National Scotland dedicated to Azurri, rumors have gathered momentum that at Wembley, In addition to the 7,500 Italians who will certainly support Mancini’s team, we will also have many Scots ready to cheer for Italy.

In short, a home game net for England, given that we’ll be at Wembley, the message that comes from today’s national Scotland with Mancini in the role of Wallace, It goes beyond student sentiment and tells us that tomorrow evening’s atmosphere may be less hostile than you might think for Italy. we will see.

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