Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill Wanted Back for ‘Star Wars’ Franchise


Despite how the story of their characters is spread in the Skyweker saga, Lucasfilm allegedly believes that there is still a lot to be said about Ford’s Han Solo and Hamil’s Luke Skywecker.

Harrison FordHan Solo and Mark Hamill“Star Wars” will forever remain in the minds of “Star Wars” fans as two of the three main characters in the Psych Fi Epic Space Opera, created by George Lucas. Even if it’s more than enough legacy left by those two characters, they could be brought back into one or more new projects of the franchise.

According to We Got the Covered which claims to get information from reliable sources, both Lucasfilm Hamil and Ford are looking for future projects, which could be movies or TV series. Still, the stories of their characters seem to end their journey, but the studio believes there are still “some mileage left in the characters” and “ideas for how to bring them back.”

Ford, Hamil and Carrie Fisher (Princess Laiya / General Laiya) returned for all “Star Wars: The Force Awakens“But Solo was assassinated in the 2015 film, which was the actor’s request. Leah played a major role in the latest” Star Wars “trilogy, although the actress was” passing prematurely. “Star Wars: The Rise Sk F Skyver“The story of his character in the final film of the Skyver Kar Saga greatly influenced Arc.

Meanwhile, Hamil’s second Luke film was killed, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi“But he brought it back as a force ghost in” The Rise Skye Sky Sky Kerr. ” He later apologized for making these statements, calling the film “the greatest of all time.”

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Lucasfilm currently has the “Star Wars” TV series, “The Mandlorian“, Which is released on Disney +. The studio is developing a more live-action series that focuses on female characters.

Speaking of the next big screen project, the studio will be joined by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Fig and “Thor: Ragnarok“Helmer Taika Waiti Develop separate new “Star Wars” films.

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