He Takes You To Scotland With His Geographic Thriller

He Takes You To Scotland With His Geographic Thriller

If Eric Gallorini was a fictional character, one could easily imagine that he could enter Tintin to help sort out the knots of a business at the end of the world. Or join Indiana Jones to hunt down the ugliest creatures and celebrate this victory with the blink of an eye.

his talk? No, it’s not a superhero. But the profile, shaped by the trials of life, is driven by righteousness and loyalty. Sensitive people who hide their feelings. But still remain guided by the latter.

You will be able to find the places I mentioned in real life!

This is what the wood Maverick, their inventor, is made of. 9 for himI The book featuring his detective, Antibois leads him on an investigation with the smell of whiskey under Scottish clouds. Like his other books, the author relies on it” geographic thriller“. A word he enjoys:”After all, there are historical thrillers, right?“Globe-trotter, the author uses his experiences to give substance to his decorations.”You will be able to find the places I mentioned in real life!

Because this is the quest for truth, it is this exercise of honesty to which the former policeman lends himself in every chapter. No, this is not a question of giving a backpacker guide. But one story is borrowed from realism. A globe-trotter, he links his exploration of Scotland here – but also of Madeira – through the novel Effie (published by Baudelaire): “Palaces really marked me. I felt like in Outlander! (1)”

A cop in a lehenga, looking for the truth

Inspired by the enigmatic environment that surrounds Edinburgh and its land, the author sees it as fertile ground for the worrying disappearance… Take time for a road trip on Route 500 in 360 pages. Meet a cop in a lehenga and a truth-seeking mother.

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Because at the end of the day, it’s always about dating: “ That’s why I write right away when I’m traveling. Even though I take pictures, I have to notice the little visual things we tend to forget.“Colors, vibrations, smells and … sounds.

The playlist in this book was important to me, it helps to make the atmosphere even more true“, he says with a smile, aware of the wonder that this choice can produce:”If today I have hearing disability, I still remember some songs.“A concern for harmony is found in the adventures of the maverick, always so enticing.” Women have an important place in my novels. i want to keep them “, emphasizes the one who likes to create characters with a strong disposition. An aspect that is deftly appreciated by her readers, which grows over the years and salons. And remains … predominantly female. This is not to offend the author, glad to see his imagination understood by these ladies.

If he takes to the streets to meet devotees of literature at the Salon this summer, Eric Gallorini is never far from creation. Writing every day, whether it is two lines or several pages, he binds himself to a discipline that allows him to bring his campaigns to life for a second time. If he hopes to fly to Polynesia at the end of the year, Maverick, for his part, will soon serve on behalf of Cap d’Antibes … “It’s still crazy, I’m from here – especially from Biot – and I write about the whole world except my home! “However, rest assured, his detective will keep going. Just like his creator!

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1. Television series produced by Ronald D. Moore.

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Effie, by Eric Gallorini, published by Baudelaire. 21.50 euro paperback. to search on booksellers’ websites.


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