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Heart of Scotland - Newspaper of Barga

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BARGA – Those colorful knitted hearts, which were created in the Glasgow area in Scotland as an idea of ​​comfort for patients hospitalized in solitary confinement at hospitals and retirement villas in the Glasgow area, have blown up in Barga these days. They were delivered yesterday, 7 August and will go to the guests of the Giovanni Pascoli Rest Villa in Barga, after the planned cleaning. The director of the Barghigiana RSA, Gabriele Giovanetti, and with him the president of the Giovanni Pascoli Benevolent Society of Chicago, Silvia Manno, who arrived in recent weeks from the United States (the philanthropist is the association that has always supported the work and development of the Villa di Reposo di Barga).

Those little hearts were born some time ago to send a message of affection to the differently-abled resuscitation patients of Great Western Hospital near Glasgow, but thanks to a push from a Scottish woman, Eve McHall, the initiative has spread. Thanks in particular to friends Elizabeth McHall, Ann Baird and Arlene D, hearts have reached many hospitals and nursing homes in the Glasgow District. Arlene then continued to make knit hearts thinking that she could be appreciated even outside her city, and this is where the idea of ​​sending her to Barga was born. Gianmarco Marroni, a new generation Bargo-Scottish who has been a paramedic in Scotland for years and has been at the forefront of the fight against COVID in recent months, looked after it. He himself told about her “Barga-Scott Connection“And suggested that he could also be sent to Barga to send the idea to the elders of the local retirement villa. So it was in the end; his mother Elizabeth and father Paolo handed him over to the management of the Villa di Riposo, who took this beautiful initiative. gladly welcomed.

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Those little hearts so lovingly woven in Scotland will soon bring a moment of color and warmth to many of this valley’s elders.


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